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I am a frontend developer and graphics enthusiast, with a passion for creating functional, robust, beautiful code.

  1. Quick Tip: Scanning for new LUNS on RHEL

    In my current Job, I am dealing with a lot of block-level IO and LUN manipulation. Unfortunately, multipath isn't that great at picking up these changes, so there are some specific commands that you can execute in order to rescan online for LUNS: sw@dev1:~# ls /sys/class/fc_host…

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  2. Installing PositiveSSL on NGINX seem to be the go-to right now when it comes to cheap SSL certificates. I have been wanting to upgrade Intripd with an SSL certificate for a while, but haven't been able to justify paying $80+ a year for a site which is still in Alpha, however with…

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  3. Logic Separation in Ember.js and Event Bubbling

    Intripd exists in it's current form as a Node.js backed Ember.js web application. It has been written from the ground up as a single-page application, where the user can seamlessly transition from one view to the next, as if the page is fluidly creating the content and inserting…

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  4. Structuring Node.js Apps - Part 2 - Configuration

    In the previous post I explained how I structure most of my Node.js server applications to be as extensible as possible and to retain separation between vendor, bespoke, server and client code. In this part, I will explain how I use a scalable configuration and loading mechanism to provide…

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  5. Optimizing NGINX

    Up until a year ago, I used shared hosting for all of my projects. I didn't need the flexibility of a VPS, and most shared packages offer more bandwidth and storage than your standard VPS or Dedicated hosting package, for a fraction of the cost. However, since moving into Node.…

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  6. Journey - Responsive Theme for Ghost Blogging Platform

    Recently i've branched out into using Ghost as my primary blogging platform for both my personal and professional blogs. For this blog, i'm using the excellent Uno theme by Dale Anthony. For the Intripd Blog, I needed something a bit different. The blog is primarily used to talk about the…

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